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Meet Dr. Sergejs Andrijevskis

At Royal Smile, dental implant treatment is performed by one of the leading UK experts in implant dentistry - Dr. Sergejs Andrijevskis. Dr. Serge is a Principal Implant Dentist and owner of several clinics in UK and Latvia including Royal Smile. He has devoted all of his career to providing exceptional dental implant treatment.

Over the course of his more than a decade long career, Dr. Serge has performed thousands of dental implant surgeries and has placed more than 7000 dental implants making him one of the most experienced dental implant treatment experts in the UK.

Today, thousands of people enjoy beautiful white smiles thanks to Dr. Serge’s expertise. In 2015 he received a Master's degree in Dental Implantology from the International Medical College (IMC) in Germany. His main areas of interest are in full mouth restorations using dental implants, and surgical bone procedures and he strongly believes in constant knowledge improvement and skill development in the area of dentistry.

Dental Implant Treatment Expert - Dr. Sergejs Andrijevskis from Royal Smile

"I chose this profession as I was always interested in medicine and dentistry. After several years, I decided to set up my own clinics - first in Riga and more recently in London as well. During my limited free time, I like to go jogging, boxing and to hot yoga classes. I am very interested in modern 20th century history. My work is guided by the following principal: dentistry is not just about medicine, it should also be considered an art!"

In March 2017 Dr. Serge conducted an interview for Dr. Hilary Jones' Celebrity Angels website and his "Live to 100" publication. In it he talks about the benefits of dental implants. 

Dr. Hilary Jones

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